fix on :Easy scheduling service

fix on is the service that the adjustment of the schedule is easily possible.
Is's Free.

You are usable in various ways, meeting, lunch, dinner, etc.

Fix on is beta release.
Use individually and don't register the secret of business.

※Using the mobile phone
When you use it from a mobile phone, can receive an email from

 Easy scheduling
Easy schedulingYou register the details and schedules and tell the event's link.

Participant only select the date.

The registered schedules is sent to you by email.
 No need in the registration of the member
No need in the registration of the memberWhen member accesses event's link, the member does not need registration.
 Accessible from the mobile phone
Accessible from the mobile phoneYou can use it from a mobile phone.

How to use

STEP.1 Create event
Create event from [add event] menu.
STEP.2 Tell event's URL to a member
Send e-mail to the people who are supposed to participate in event's URL.
You can tweet event's URL to your Twitter follower by Tweet Button.
STEP.3 Wait for a member to register himself/herself schedules
The member accesses a sent link and registers their schedule.
The registered schedules is sent to you by email.
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Access from mobile phone
Access from mobile phoneRead a QR code with mobile phone camera. Or access to
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